m.arch candidate columbia university gsapp
Owen Nichols
GSAPP Space Studio
inside the 3rd ring
22” x 30” graphite and ink on paper
Camera Lucida assistance
Owen Nichols
Overlay experiments
Owen Nichols
testing a new annotation system in portfolio involving transparencies over images containing diagrammatic information.
Owen Nichols
Elevation looking East
ghosted interior formation
furry decontextualizing helmet
Owen Nichols
Interior top elevation/plan of furry helmet
Owen Nichols
Decontextualizing helmet v1
south facing elevation 
Owen Nichols
bottom view of furry decontextualizing helmet
showing head hole and ghosted interior construction
Owen Nichols
Withdrawing room
elevation (upside down)
underbelly section perspective
diagrammatic plan of construction technique
Owen Nichols
A little bit of privacy
sectional composition option
Owen Nichols
Hermetic House 
Plan and Section
Owen Nichols
Personal Decontextualizer
sectional composition (in process)